About The Meltdown Mama

Hey! My name is Brittni Flores. I am a 30 year old, mediocre mom of 4 super weird and weirdly cute kids. I’m from Northwest Ohio, HOLLA, and I have been happily[ish] married for almost 11 years. I married my high school sweetheart at the tender age of *deep breath* 19. Nine. Teen. It hasn’t always been easy, since, ya know, we were poor college students who were also trying to figure out marriage. And, we had our first baby a whole 9 months later. And no, we did not get married because of the baby. We were actually crazy enough to do it by choice! But hey, when ya know, ya know. Right?!

Like I said, I have 4 kids, 3 girls and 1 boy. Yep, I have 3 girls. And I will gladly take all the pity I can get for their teenage years! My oldest is 10 now, and over the 10 years of motherhood, I’ve many times thought “I’ve seen it all.” Let me tell you, every day, these little weirdos prove me wrong! There are so many mom shamers and know-it-all moms, and I guarantee, their lives are as big of a shit show as the rest of us! So, I decided to start a blog for all the moms like me. The moms who have a serious meltdown at least once a day. The moms who get tired of “breast is best” or “electronic time limits for kids.” Listen, Linda, I know breast is best, but when my boob is bleeding and I’d rather chop it off than feed my baby, I’ll take my chances with formula, k? Every single child is different. Every mom is different. But, I think we can all come together and agree that mom-ing is hard AF and we could all use a laugh and someone who isn’t afraid to talk truth. And let’s be real, men can be good for many things, but they really are super dumb sometimes. And if you’re into women, well, you’re actually kind of lucky!

So, that’s it about me for now. If there’s anything you want me to write about, feel free to contact me. And please keep the negative comments to yourself. If you take the time to read my work, and then spend time telling me how much I suck, you just lost minutes on your life that you can’t get back. And that actually sucks for you! I’ll try to always keep it light hearted, but sometimes life isn’t always that, and that’s okay. I just want to be real and let other mom’s know they’re not alone. And if you need anxiety meds just so you don’t “accidentally” put your kid(s) in the oven, you don’t need to feel ashamed……No? Just me? Yikes!

Can’t wait to start this journey with ya’ll!

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Photo by: Rikki Renee Photography