Birth Photography

Raise your hand if pictures are, or have always been a major part of your life. For the large majority of people, from the day you are born, your parents start snapping photos. Years later, pictures become storytellers and some of our greatest possessions. For 10 years now, my household has been taking “Family Pictures” at least once a year. Having a cousin as a photographer (shout out to Rikki Renee Photography) makes taking pictures that much more fun (and more often!) Out of all of the photo sessions that we’ve partaken in, my absolute favorite, by far, was the birth of my 3rd daughter, Marley.

Now, when I say birth, I literally mean, “1..2..3..PUSH” birth- the real deal stuff, ALL of it! We didn’t know if Marley was going to be a girl or boy and I knew that I wanted that moment captured on camera, when we found out what “it” was! But I am a very private person when it comes to, well, my privates, so I really never thought about having a photographer in any of my births. Lucky for me, by the time I was pregnant with Marley, my cousin had moved back from California and offered her services. I was a tiny bit hesitant. No, not because I didn’t want her to see my…stuff (come on we bathed together as children) but with us not knowing what Marley was, I didn’t know if I wanted anyone else in the room besides Miguel. But knowing that I wanted that moment caught on camera, the hesitation quickly went away!

Now, being that the photographer was my cousin, she was helping me out a bit more than she would to a normal client, but when “go time” came, she was the most professional I’d ever seen. And this is not an advertisement for Rikki Renee Photography, (well, maybe a little) because I have seen other birth pictures from other photographers, that are also incredible. What I mean is, I didn’t even know she was there. She stood back where she knew she could capture all the excitement, without being in the way. I had no idea she was there, which is incredible to me when I look back at all the great shots she was able to get!

I don’t think I will ever forget the moment that I held all my babies for the first time. But because of the “circumstances” (pain, I’m talking about the pain) I don’t really remember the doctors faces when they yelled “IT’S A GIRL!” I remember the screams and I remember looking at Miguel, but I can’t remember their faces. Lucky for me, I have the most beautiful picture from that very moment.


I know a resident delivered Marley, but to this day, I couldn’t tell you her name. With that being said, this is my absolute favorite picture from that day (and possibly of all time.) The excitement on her face, the calm amongst so much chaos; I get to relive that moment every time I look at this picture.

I can’t tell you how many times I have looked at all of the pictures from that day, when I’m pissed off at Miguel, and I instantly start remembering the love we shared, or how cute my older girls were when they met their baby sister for the first time. And when I need a real pick-me-up during a stressful day, I can look at these and remind myself that we women are the real MVP’s (or bad ass, as I like to call myself!)

And guess what, I wouldn’t remember all of those moments, if it weren’t for saying YES to the idea of birth photography.

I know there are some of you out there that are thinking HELL TO THE NO, Lady! But I am here to say, it is 110% worth it. It may seem scary or weird, having someone snap pictures of you in your most vulnerable state, but if you have a true professional, you won’t regret it for even a second!

If pictures are really worth 1000 words, these would be my favorite narrative!