Kids vs Chores

So is it just me, or does anyone else have a hard time getting their kids to do chores. I mean, personally, I am not below bribing my kids with my soul just to get them to help me around the house, but they still refuse. Okay, they don’t ALWAYS refuse, there still that .7% when they actually do what I ask, when I ask.

I feel like I’ve tried it all too. Let’s think of the top ways people get their kids to do chores:

Chore Chart

Probably the most popular out of them all, a Chore chart is a great way to stay organized, gives each kid a specific job, and usually entails stickers or something of that sort.


But what happens when my kids don’t give a crap about the damn stickers anymore and still refuse to do the chores? “Screw the stickers, lady! Can’t fool us that easy!” I’m pretty sure that’s what my kids are thinking every time I bust out the ol’ chore chart!

Making it a game

LAUGH OUT LOUD! First off, games are supposed to be fun, right? I rarely like to clean, let alone try to pretend it’s a game! But, I will admit, it has worked a few times, until they get bored. I then, find myself saying “Okay, mom’s the only one playing the game, I’m going to win.” And usually, my very sweet and oh so blunt 6 year old replies with, “We don’t care if you win! This game is stupid!

So, not only are they not cleaning, I have to waste my energy on reprimanding her for saying stupid. Moving on!

Show them how much you appreciate when they clean

That would work great, except, that I have nothing to appreciate when they don’t actually do anything ….. NEXT

Incentives (aka BRIBERY)

So this one usually works the best for me, probably because my kids are over privileged and have way too much stuff, BUT it does get the job done… sometimes. Most of the time though, they do half of what they are supposed to do and say “Okay, where’s my prize?” So while it might work occasionally, it still makes me want to punch them in their cute little faces!

Taking Toys/Screen Time away

This one seems like the most logical, and one that is most likely to actually get them to do what you want, right? You ever try getting a kid to do anything for you when they’re super pissed? If you haven’t, it’s a lot like arguing with an emotional drunk girl. They’re argumentative, can’t understand anything you’re trying to tell them, crying hysterically, and sometimes throwing themselves on the ground. So in other words, its torture for the parent. I mean, by the time I get them to calm down, I forget what I wanted them to do in the first place! It’s exhausting.

So, if anyone has any ideas on how to ACTUALLY get kids to do their chores, and not act like they’re in concentration camp, please let me in on your secret.

I’m a firm believer in ‘picking your battles,’ I just haven’t decided if making them do chores is one I want to pick just yet. I know it makes them better members of society, but it also makes me really, REALLY tired!

Let the war of the chores continue…