How I tricked myself into becoming a morning person

Okay people, I’m going to talk about something that I have been doing for a whopping month & half, and that has changed my outlook on life- waking up EARLY.

I know, I know sounds terrible! Believe me, I am NOT a morning person. In fact, I’m quite the opposite. My body does not start shutting down till at least 11 pm, which makes being a morning person very difficult.

My oldest is in 5th grade. Since she was in preschool until last year, I would stay in bed until the last possible second, and wake the kids up to start getting ready. Many times shouting “LET’S GO, PEOPLE! MOMMY WOKE UP LATE! GET UP! GET UP! GET. THE. HELL. UP!” Imagine the worst kind of drill sergeant; Often running late and screaming at my kids to hurry up and eat, pushing them into the bathroom to get their teeth brushed, and yanking at their hair while brushing. It was ridiculous. I can’t imagine what my kids thought. If I had to guess, it would be “get your shit together, mom. Not our fault YOU woke up late!” Actually, I’m pretty sure that last sentence was said to me more than once. And because I don’t like when my kids are right, I think I may have told them it was their fault somehow… I’m not proud.

So, I knew this year needed to be different! I made a pact to myself. I would wake up at least 30 minutes earlier than the time I needed to wake my oldest up, which gives me an hour before I have to get the rest out of bed. I wanted to give myself time for a workout in my garage and time to get lunches made BEFORE I had to make breakfast.

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

School started August 14, too early if you ask me, but since you didn’t, that’s beside the point! My oldest likes to wake up at 7:00. The littles get up at 7:30, often waking up earlier on their own. Since that day, I have woken no later than 6:30! Bravo to me! I don’t often pat myself on the back, but when I have a huge accomplishment like this, you better believe I’m using both hands!

It hasn’t been easy. I am NOT a motivated person. By that I mean, I knew I needed to get up and workout early or else I would never do it, but I would tell myself that sleep was more important. Or I knew I wanted to get some quiet time before the kids were awake, but it was quiet in my bed so I justified laying a little longer.

Photo by elizabeth lies on Unsplash

I’m not necessarily motivated now, I just do it. I started putting my phone somewhere I would have to get up and out of the bed to turn the alarm off. I cannot let myself lay back down or its game over! I used to be the super annoying person who hit snooze 37 times before waking up. Now, I don’t hit snooze even once!

And ya know how I know it’s really working, my husband has started the trend as well! He used to wake up 10 minutes before he had to leave, rushing around and often losing or forgetting things before going to work. Now he’s up, eating breakfast and able to have a little conversation before he leaves for the day. Not that I’m much of a conversationalist in the morning (I HATE talking before the sun rises) but he is so, you do you, boo!

If you are like I was and hit snooze way too much, or lay in bed until the very last possible millisecond, I urge you to challenge yourself and set your alarm across the room. Don’t lay back down. Enjoy the silence of your house for at least 10 minutes. Get a workout in. Drink your coffee in peace! Give yourself a little time before the chaos. Because I know I’m not the only one who used to want to punch their kids in their cute little faces by 8am.

… Okay, maybe I am the only one, but you get my drift!