Pumpkin Spice ‘Natte’

I may be a white girl. I may be basic, and dare I say, ‘extra’ at times, I have to get something off my chest…


Yeah, I said it! Wow, I feel so much better! But in all seriousness, can someone please explain to me the fascination with this stuff? Is it because it brings out all the fall feels or because people actually like it? I mean, before Starbucks, did people actually like ‘pumpkin’ anything besides? Besides the obligatory pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving?

Honestly, it’s getting out of hand. The amount of things that now have “pumpkin spice flavors’ is ridiculous. For instance:

Just, NO!

I can think of a handful of drinks that give me that warm and fuzzy fall feeling (say that 10 times fast) and are worlds better than Pumpkin Spice.

Apple Cider
Hot Chocolate
Tea & Honey
Chai Latte

And don’t get me wrong, I love a nice sweater and pictures in the pretty leaves too. I’m here for all the ‘basic white girl’ things, but leave that pumpkin spice crap out of it!

Maybe my problem is that I know pumpkin spice means the end of summer and all that I live for. I guess I can’t say it’s the spices fault. It can’t help that it represents the 3 seconds of fall us Ohioans get a year.

Okay, I lied. It’s totally the spice’s fault.