Care/of Vitamins

One of the most important ways we can keep our bodies healthy is what we put into them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not the healthiest of eaters. I love me some chips and a chocolate chip cookie here and there. But along with healthy eating and keeping our bodies moving through exercise, another important part of staying healthy is taking vitamins!

When I was little, Flintstone vitamins were all the rage. You know, the ones that had more sugar than ‘vitamins.’ Then it was the generic prenatal vitamins that I took with my pregnancies. Once I found out about a gene mutation I had, I started to dive deeper into the different vitamins I should be taking, specifically for my body.

It wasn’t until this year that I decided to try something new. I follow a few people on Instagram that were talking about these Care/Of Vitamins and they were offering coupon codes for first time users, so I decided to check it out!

This company creates a personalized 30 day supply of daily vitamin packs. One of the great things about this, is that it’s a fraction of the cost of you buying all the vitamins separately. You can go online, take a short quiz about things you are looking to improve, health status, lifestyle and dietary restrictions, and they will set you up with what they feel are the best vitamins for you. You can choose to accept what they suggest or change it up to whatever you feel would best suit your needs. They also have different eastern medicine supplements if you want to incorporate those too!

Care/of also sells protein powders and energy packets that get added to water. Vitamin packs and powders are all part of a monthly subscription. The best part about this subscription, is you are able to delay time of delivery and payment or change up the different vitamins you wish to receive, at any time!

I have been using a fish oil with vitamin D separately, that I purchased from a health food store, but right now, my Care/of pack consists of:

  • Vitamin D– bone and brain health
  • Ashwaganda– brain health
  • Astaxanthin-healthier skin
  • B-complex vitamin (with methylated folate) – to combat my MTHFR gene mutation

**I’m also thinking about adding Rhodiola, which is a supplement to help with stress and fatigue!

And seriously, how cute are the little personalized packets?

If you’re like me and thrive off of convenience and a great deal, look into these vitamins! The amount of money you can save a month by using this personalized company and getting them delivered straight to your door, are great incentives!

And bonus! All of the packaging is biodegradable and is made out of compost materials. So you’re caring for your body AND the earth at the same time!  

Download the app or go to to take the quiz and see which vitamins are right for you! If you are looking to get on a healthier track, this is the simplest place to start!

I am not affiliated with Care/of Vitamins. I simply want to bring awareness to a great company that I have come to love!