The Blessing and Importance of ‘Mom Friends’

Becoming a mom has been the greatest journey of my life. I think most moms can say that. Maybe not every day, but most days, being a mom brings us immense joy and purpose. Along with creating these humans and watching them grow, come a few other perks. One of my favorites is the other mom friends that I have made over the years!

Mom friends come in all sorts of way. Some of them we meet through our children, others we meet at groups such as MOPS or maybe a ‘mom and me’ class. Either way, there is something seriously special about having mom friends. And let me clarify, I think there is a difference between those mom friends, and the friends we had pre-kids, that are now moms. Those people are different. Not that they aren’t just as special, but they know you as your own person and as a mom. When we meet other moms for the first time, there’s already this bond you share. You are both trying to raise humans. And we all know how freaking hard that is! They don’t know you other than what they see as a parent. So if someone likes you after seeing the way you are with your children, I think that means a lot!

My good friend Erin whom I met when our daughter’s were in preschool, pictured here with all of our kids. Our friendships have only grown closer with each passing year!
Erin and I at a concert. No kids and having the greatest time!

One of my dearest friends and I met through our daughters. My Cierra and their oldest went to the same preschool, but didn’t actually know each other until they played t-ball through the YMCA. We started talking after realizing they attended preschool together and it has been an amazing friendship since! Our families have formed such a close bond over the past 6 years that it’s not so much the girls that keep us close, it’s our adult friendship! So far, my kids have chosen great friends who all have awesome families! Not only does it make me feel good that my kids are making friends with great kids, and that those kids have great parents too, but it makes me feel better to know that my kids are safe under their care. How many times have you said, (or did you hear as a kid) “No, you can’t go to that person’s house until I’ve talked to the parents.” With these particular families, I catch myself saying, “Call me when they get sick of you!”

Miguel used to be Cierra’s t-ball/baseball coach, before her entire world revolved around dance! We met so many different people through little league, many of which were parents of boys in the community. Even now that the kids are older and my daughter ‘can’t even fathom talking to a boy’ (as always, DRAMATIC!) We have remained friends with some of the parents! And now that dance has pretty much taken over our lives, I couldn’t be more thankful for the friendships I’ve made with those moms too! It definitely makes those long dance days a little more bearable!

Whether it’s meeting through the school our kids attend or through sports, those friendships really give that feeling of belonging. We are all going through this crazy parenting thing together. It helps encourage conversations and gives you someone to complain with… I mean talk to, at the end of the year award assembly or weekly sporting event!

Some of the amazing dance moms who I now call my dear friends!

And don’t get me wrong, not every mom [or parent] you meet will become your best friend. We all know those moms who make us ‘less than perfect moms’ look bad. There’s always that mom who’s not there to make friends. Or the mom who thinks her child is the best at EVERYTHING. Those moms can be hard to deal with. “Yes, Karen. We know little Tommy scored the most goals. Oh he got all A’s this quarter too? Well my kid just learned how to burp the ABC’s so, BAM!”

We aren’t going to becoming friends with, or even like everyone we encounter, even if we do share a lot of similarities. And that’s okay! It just makes those friendships we do have, even more special!

So, next time you get together with your mom friends, tell them how grateful you are for them. Tell them you think they’re doing a great job raising their kid(s). Share a bottle of wine and some crazy stories. Gossip or vent a little if you need to (face it, we all do it.) And truly sit back and appreciate those friendships!