Surviving Halloween

“I can’t wait for Halloween this year! I’m am SO going to find my kids the most clever costumes from Pinterest!”
How many of us moms have said that year after year? I know I have the greatest intentions of making award winning costumes. Guess how many times I’ve actually done it, Z.E.R.O.

With our society becoming more and more competative, it’s hard not to be a crafty parent!

“You mean you bought your kid’s costume from a store? Well, I spent double the price and made this beautiful princess costume out of organic silk. I know they’ll only wear it a few times, totally worth it!”

I mean, the pressure!! It’s kind of ridiculous, if you ask me. And because I’m not as creative as some moms, my kids get to fulfill their wishes on what they want to be. I mean, I would love my kids to be Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas one day, but they refuse! But, when you do buy from a store, you don’t seem to get as much for your money. I mean, the costumes that are made out of THE THINNEST material and can’t cost more that $.10 to make. Why are they so expensive? I buy them, because I have to. But, man!

Whatever happened to putting a sheet over your body and calling yourself a ghost? Or putting in a pair of fang teeth and.. VIOLA! A vampire! Just another reason why parenting now a days is hard AF!

And let’s talk about the teenagers who still Trick-or-Treat. Honestly, I’m all for it. Think about it, they are walking neighborhoods to get candy. There are about a million other things I can think of that would be so much worse! As long as they at least attempt to dress up, here’s some candy!

But, my biggest pet peeve about Halloween, worse than the expensive costumes or the teenager Trick-or-Treaters, are the people who leave their porch lights on and don’t pass out candy. I don’t mind at all if someone does or doesn’t want to pass out candy, just don’t make my kids and I look like noobs going up to your house, thinking you’re going to open the door! We went up to a house once that had it’s porch light on AND its big front door open, then looked at us crazy and yelled “we don’t have any candy” before we walked up to the door.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Halloween. I think it’s a fun time for kids (and grown ups) to use their imagination and be whatever they want to be! Can I just ask all you fun, creative parents to please stop making us lazy parents look bad? Oh, and TURN. YOUR. PORCH. LIGHTS. OFF!