It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

Well folks, it’s the beginning of November. You know what that means… HOLIDAY SEASON!

Now, I’m not one to start decorating already. Our family’s official decoration day is the day after Thanksgiving. No shade to those who put your Christmas tree up the second your kids take off their Halloween costumes. I just like to have a little down time between Jack-o-lanterns and the Christmas tree, that’s all. Truthfully, I love the look of my house when it first comes to life with all things “Merry & Bright.” But I’ve realized over the past few years, that when I take all of my decorations down, so does my anxiety. I think the extra clutter adds to that. None-the-less, I do love the Holiday season.

But can I tell you what I don’t like? I hate the hustle and bustle of this time of year. I love giving people gifts. Maybe it’s because my love language is gifts, but giving someone a present fills my heart with so much joy. And I do love shopping. But the stress of it all can really become overwhelming. And the fact that our society is so materialistic now-a-days is infuriating. I know Thanksgiving might not be important to some people, but for me it’s just nice to be able to get together with family for no other reason than to stuff our faces and be thankful! The fact that stores are opening now on Thanksgiving day and taking away their employees opportunity for a meal with family isn’t right, if you ask me. Now don’t get me wrong, I love black Friday shopping. I’m not usually one who has to stand in line for 2 days to get the best price on a laptop, but I like to get out, get a few good deals, and people watch! But I like to do that AFTER time well spent with my family! What happened to checking out all the ads together, making a game plan, waking up extra early to shop and then going to breakfast at Ihop before going home to recheck the ads and see if we want to go out again?! Those were the days, weren’t they?

Not only does the holiday shopping stress me out, but not having enough time to do all the “Christmas-ey” things makes me so sad! This year (and for years to come) I really want to focus on fun family activities and experiences. Going to the Lights Before Christmas at our local zoo, driving around looking at Christmas lights, baking Christmas cookies, watching Christmas movies, ice skating, you get the point. But I don’t want to schedule our lives out too much either. I want it to be all about FUN! Since our family has grown, kids are in activities, it just doesn’t seem like we have as much time for that anymore! I had an idea to make a Holiday bucket list. Whatever we don’t get to do this year will be at the top of the list for next year!

And, I think I’ll save my “Elf on the shelf” for it’s own special post!

With all that said, I am excited for 2019 holiday season. I hope that you and yours can also make fun memories and really enjoy the whole season! Don’t let all the gift giving and pressure to make others happy, get the best of you. Try to slow down a bit and soak it all in!

Oh! And be careful putting those Christmas lights up! Nobody wants a broken back for the holidays. 😶

Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah, everyone!