The Multi-tasking Mama

Most* moms have a multitude of talents.
Personal Chef


Chief Financial Officer


The list goes on and on! And this doesn’t change from day to day. The multitasking changes from minute to minute, from kid to kid! One minute, you might be helping your 5th grader with homework (teacher) the next, you may be splitting up a fight in which one kid was hurt and needs an ice pack (referee/nurse.) The multitasking literally never, ever ends!

Now, am I saying every mom is perfect at this work?
Am I saying I’m perfect?
Hell no.
There are days that I tell my kids to ‘hold on’ so much that even they forget what they asked of me. There are other days that I do so much for everyone that I literally think “if I died, these people would come to my grave and still say ‘Mom, where are my ____?’ and get mad when I don’t raise from the dead and hand it to them on a silver platter!”

And it’s not that I think dads can’t be multi-taskers too, but let’s be real; they just aren’t. My husband has this insane ability to completely ignore my kids so much that I sometimes think he needs his hearing checked. And I’m not sure if it’s just because my kids are used to asking me to do everything, but I could be doing 10 things at once, in the same room as my husband, and it’s as if he’s invisible! Come On! No, I can not get you a banana when I’m trying to scrub the poop off your brothers butt, because he just had an accident in his pants! And, no, I can’t get you a puzzle when I’m trying to make the cook-to-order lunch that 4 people just demanded! GO. ASK. YOUR. DAD.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love being ‘that person’ for my family, I really do. Sometimes, when my kids do surprise me and ask my husband to do something before asking me, I even get a little jealous wondering why they didn’t ask me this time. And then, my dinner gets cold because, kids, and I take those thoughts back real quick!

It is kind of funny though, as soon as they don’t need us as much, whether they start school or grow up and move out, we realize how much we miss all the craziness.
Maybe it’s the co-dependency us moms usually acquire over the years. Or maybe, it’s just the realization of our babies getting older. Whatever the case, being a multi-tasker is just another part of our ‘job’ as a mom.

Even still, multi-tasking can be hard AF! Not just physically but emotionally. It can make us feel run down and underappreciated.
But there wouldn’t be a need for all these ‘duties’ if we didn’t have our babies. And no matter how crazy they drive us, I think I can speak for most moms when I say “I wouldn’t change it for anything!”

Photo by Rikki Renee Photography