It is finally, officially the Christmas season! Thanksgiving is over, the last regular season college football games have been played, and now its time to get in the spirit!

This year I have vowed to participate in more Christmas-y activities than we normally do. I’m tired of this season feeling like it’s all about the presents! Don’t get me wrong, I love buying gifts for people (it is my love language, after all) but I’ve realized my kids are getting too into the gifts and not appreciating the family time. And although I was a young mom, I’m definitely old school- I refuse to raise overprivileged brats! So, here we are Christmas 2019. We’re going to change things up a bit!

I’m sure many of you have heard of the 4 gift rule:
Something they want
Something they need
Something they wear
Something they read

I saw that a few years ago and thought it was a great idea. But, I’m a putz and I never put it into effect. Then, I saw another list. It was the same as the list above with 3 added categories:
Something to do
Something for family
Something for me

I was sold! I think what I love most about these 3 ideas is that you can get more creative! Here are a few examples of each:
Something to do- tickets (movie, concert, show, sports game) season pass for amusement park, mani/pedi gift card
Something for family- zoo membership, family trip/vacation, trampoline, pet
Something for me- something personalized, ornament, something passed down

..and so many more ideas!

I’ve started my shopping and besides the things that they’ve said they “wanted” here are a few things I’ve purchased for far:
Ornaments, personalized name puzzle (for me)
Karaoke microphone, board Game (for family)
New Bedding (Need)

Now, for me personally, stockings don’t count as part of the rule! I LOVE filling the stockings! So, selfishly, I don’t want to be held back with those!

I think that this idea, whether it be the 4 or 7 gift rule, would make shopping more fun, would help eliminate buying too much “junk,” and could be fun for the kids too! Make them think outside of the box for things they may want and not just look through the toy ads!

We’ve got a shortened Holiday season this year, so make the best of it! If you are like me and you are tired of buying junk just to have more under the tree, try this too! Spend more time as a family and less time on Amazon. Okay, I’m not sure if it’s possible to stay off Amazon, but you get what I mean!
Oh, and wish me luck. This push-over might need it!