Fitness Fails. How to stop the excuses and get on track to a better you!

Raise your hand (and pretend like I can see you) if you have failed, multiple times, when it comes to a fitness routine. As I raise both hands, I’d like to tell you, you are not alone.

I have wasted hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on gym memberships that I only use for a few months. Almost every Sunday I think to myself “Okay, tomorrow’s Monday. I’m going to start eating healthy tomorrow.” Guess how many times Monday comes around and I completely forget the vow I made to myself. It wasn’t until recently that I made changes that have me more motivated and EXCITED to maintain a healthier life.

I told you in a previous post about how I tricked myself into waking up earlier. Well, one way I do that is wake up and get my workout in right away. But I really had to find the right type of workout. Before, I would run or start a program that others had suggested and when I got tired of them I just gave up. This time, I decided that I would try multiple types of workouts and see what suits me best. ‘

Join a gym
This is where most people I know start, and it’s a great option! Just make sure to find a gym that suits you! If you can afford it and it’s something you’re interested in, look for a gym with experienced personal trainers. Some even let you do an assessment with a trainer for free! If a trainer isn’t for you, find a gym that works with your interests and schedule. If you are more into machine weights, look for a place with great equipment. If you are looking for a place to run on a treadmill, make sure you find a place that has enough machines for when the gym is busy. If the gym is the way to go, don’t be afraid to shop around to find the best place for your needs, and your wallet!

Check Search Engines
Search engines such as Google and Pinterest and YouTube, have multiple resources whether you’re at home or in gym. I know my biggest struggle in the gym was not knowing what to do when I got there. I knew weight training was great, but I had no idea what workouts would be best for the results I wanted. So I searched for exactly what I wanted.

At home workout for women’s weight loss
Weight Training for women
Leg day workouts for the gym

Anything you can think of can be found on the internet. I watched videos, found pictured instructions, and even found routines that I would write down. If you find that you work better doing that, whether it’s at home or at the gym, keep going! If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! For me, it worked for a little while, until I realized there were some moves that I wasn’t fond of so I would skip them, because I could. There was nobody to push me. Plus, I just started to get bored.

I know, I know “but I’m not a runner;” neither was I! I started running a few years ago when I was training for a 5k. Setting a goal like signing up for a race is a great motivator! I do think that running really helped lose the weight after my 3rd child. But, again, I just get bored. I have a few friends that are avid runners and run in different types of races all year long. It’s not for everyone, but if you think you aren’t a runner and have never really tried, just try it! What have you got to lose?!

Specific Fitness Classes
Classes such as Pure Barre, Yoga, Kickboxing, Zumba, and Spin (just to name a few) are also a great option. These are very specific types of workouts that might just be perfect for the right person. Because these usually have instructors and are in a group setting, they might be more motivating. Just remember- Always try something out for at least a month before financially committing to anything. I know that some people might disagree, but what if after the 3rd or 4th class you just aren’t interested anymore. You don’t want to sign any contracts until you know it’s something you think you can stick to! An added bonus to this type of fitness routine, you can meet a lot of new people!

There are a TON of great fitness apps out there. Some are free, and super reasonable, and others have a monthly fee. Usually, you are able to test out the app before committing to anything, which is great! And you are able to do these workouts from anywhere with nothing but your phone!

Like I said, until recently, I was a fitness FAILURE! Everything I started would be done within a few days to a few weeks. I had to find exactly what was right for me!

Some people get more motivation from getting out of the house and going to the gym or a class. Some get their high from running. I personally, just realized that the best thing for me is at home workouts. I recently found an app called FitOn and I am absolutely loving it! And best part, it’s completely FREE!! I go out to my garage every morning for anywhere from 15-30 minutes, and I’m done for the day! It’s such a mindless task to just walk out to my garage, I think that’s what keeps me motivated. No- making sure I have everything before I leave for the gym. No- trying to find my arm band to hold my phone while I run. I just walk out to my garage and GET. IT. DONE!

You have to find the right time for yourself to workout also. If are like me and can make up 100 excuses at the end of the night why you don’t need to work out, then your best bet is to do it in the morning. If you feel like you are more apt to do it in the middle of the day, then do it! You do not have to follow anybody else’s routine. Find what works best for you and stick with it!

I won’t say it’s going to be ‘easy.’ Nothing worth having comes easy, right? But don’t be afraid to try different workouts and routines. Try out that Pilates class your friend invited you to. Put on your jams and get outside and move. Run, walk, or a combination of the two, it doesn’t matter. Just get up and go!  Download the app, check it out a bit and try a few workouts. Try everything until you find something you love. Or at least something you know you won’t quit! Don’t be ashamed either. Everyone starts somewhere.

Always remember, from Day 1- you’re doing better than 100% of the people on the couch!